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K aleidoscopes make it possible to view everyday objects in extraordinary ways. You are in control of what you see because you decide where to point the scope, but you are also unable to predict exactly what you will see - and you are often stunned by the infinite complexity produced by a simple mechanism.

G raphic designers, artists, and quiltmakers often use kaleidoscopes as sources for new design inspirations. Psychologists have used scopes as therapeutic tools to revive patients' sense of purpose and wonder, as well as to study the relationship between human perception of symmetry and of color.

A kaleidoscope makes a unique and welcome gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Some of our customers give a kaleidoscope as a wedding gift to suggest the beauty and infinite variety of experiences represented in marriage. A kaleidoscope can be an unexpected and appreciated way to commemorate any occasion.

W hatever the reasons for enjoying a kaleidoscope, perhaps the best thing about kaleidoscopes is that they are ultimately beyond purpose, pure objects of senseless beauty...